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Automatic cars offer a no-fuss form of shifting. No clutch, no missed shift gears, just press the accelerator and go. These features have made the car more popular among those individuals who find it hard to manage gears in a manual car. During busy traffic driving, automatic cars is a lot easier than regular gear changes in manual cars. If you are looking to get a quick driver license, then our automatic car driving lessons is the best option as compared to manual driving lessons. However, keep one thing in mind; after getting an automatic drivers license, you cannot drive the manual car. This also means automatic car drivers can only buy or rent vehicles with automatic transmission.

Just Drive Ireland Best Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin You Can Trust

Research has shown that increasing numbers of drivers in Dublin are choosing to learn in an automatic car. No more clutch control and shifting gears in heavy traffic. Further, the department of transport has also predicted that traffic in Dublin tends to increase by 50,000 over the next few years. With this, the constant stop-start driving trend is no longer preferred and is switching to drive in automatic cars.

Just Drive Ireland has been giving automatic driving lessons since 2008. We help people learn important driving skills and make a smooth transition to automatic vehicles. We have exclusively designed automatic driving lessons that meet the requirements of our learners.

Moreover, we have fully qualified, and ADI approved automatic driving instructors who specialise in EDT (Essential Driving Training) and pre-test lessons using automatic car driving lessons. All of our instructors are rigorously trained, vetted and have a significant amount of experience teaching driving lessons on Dublin roads.

At Just Drive Ireland you are assured of meeting calm, pleasant and respectful driving instructor who possess full knowledge of automatic cars inside and out. They will provide you with the latest and state of the art vehicle information.

Other Valid Reasons to Choose Automatic Driving Courses

In general, automatic cars are easier to learn to drive as compare to the manual shift car. In highly trafficked areas or countries, automatic transmissions have been preferred. Apart from saving yourself from the wear and tear of your joints and clutch pedal, there are other reasons as well of choosing automatic cars and these are:

  • Accelerated full licence
  • Save from manual gear challenges
  • People with physical disabilities can drive it
  • Advanced age
  • Pay full attention to several critical aspects of driving like road hazards, passing, positioning, crossing and manoeuvring
  • You need fewer driving lessons
  • Consume less petrol in heavy traffic
  • Cost less to maintain
  • Highest passing rates

How Can Just Drive Ireland Help?

Your driving instructor will pick you up from your desired location and drop you off after the lesson, at no extra charge. Our lessons can be customised around your schedule. If you book our pre-test lessons, we will be happy to meet you at driving test centre that you have chosen. So your time is not wasted, and we make the best use of it.

Please feel free to browse our website and get information regarding the comprehensive driving courses we are providing. Our instructors also provide guidance on why automatic car driving lessons are easier, safer and faster to drive than the manual cars. Our list of services is not only light on your pocket but also fit your busy schedule.

Moreover, we have made our mark in this industry with the highest passing practical and theory test rate. Our broad base of customers is because of our word-of-mouth and family referrals. We feel proud of our reputation as being reliable and trustworthy.

Also, always remember that giving your driving test in an automatic car is the quickest way to pass your test and get a full driving license.

Why We Are The Best Driving School In Dublin?

Everyone has certain bad habits, and nobody is perfect. We fix the weak areas of your driving, so you progress at a rapid pace and stay safe.

No other Dublin driving schools can compete with our unrivalled services. Several of our learner drivers have even acknowledged our efforts in helping them to make fast progress and development. We cover all the vital driving skills that include driving at night, road positioning and traffic progression. So you will pass your driving test with flying colours.

Further, our prices are market competitive and highly affordable. You can easily afford to have our services without worrying about budget limitations. Further, for our customer's convenience, our professional customer support team is available at your assistance.

Also, please feel free to call us or send us a message, and we assure you to get a quick response. Our customer support will answer all your queries and provide all the relevant information that you need regarding the quality of our services or driving instructors. We also possess over 20 years of experience in HGV and bus driving. So don’t wait and book your intensive driving courses now!

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